Lyngford Light Railway
A 5 inch gauge garden railway

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Last updated 13 April 2005

My first attempt at rolling stock construction resulted in this truck. This is the only photo that I have of this truck, the truck was stolen from my (secluded!) front garden, along with a 8' panel of track!

Steel 50mm x 25mm tube forms the side frames with 3mm steel plate welded to the ends as a buffer beam. Cast iron 3" dia wheels with steel axles run in plain steel axle boxes from the same material as the axles.

The axle boxes arewelded to small sections of steel plate (or bar), two coach bolts secure these to the side frames with a spring sandwiched between.

I had started to fit brakes to this one, bycycle brake blocks were bolted to mild steel angle which was bolted to the side frames. But that was as far as I got!

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