Lyngford Light Railway
A 5 inch gauge garden railway

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The Engineers amongst you will probably frown (or worse!) at my methods in constructing my rolling stock. My welding, using an arc welder, is self taught and could be better! My lathe work is also of doubtful quality. However, all these 'skills' have been self taught, so are probably not too bad, all things considered! I have enjoyed the challenges that these trucks have presented, and the trucks do work quite well.

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My first 5" gauge truck. Truck No 1 (Never completed)
4 Wheel Truck No 2  Occasionally used as a riding truck, but is a real balancing challenge!

Bogie truck No 3  Used as a riding truck, but see below.

Bogie Truck No 4 Nearing completion. Intended as a riding truck, but see below.

Well Wagon No 5. Will be used for Driving & Passenger Trolley
                              More pictures added to the gallery 29-04-2005

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