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Weirdie Alice No. 3
My first dreams of owning a 'real' steam engine started when I was about ten. I was walking past a second hand shop in Croydon where I then lived, and there in the front of the window was a blue 5" gauge 4-6-2 tender engine, and all for the princely sum of £150.00! (a fortune in those days) Needless to say, no matter how much pleading I made to my folks, I never got to own this loco! Just what I would have done with it, I don't know. I have often wondered what happened to this loco. This dream became a reality some 20 years after when I acquired Weirdie.

This is No5 Weirdie, being driven by its builder, Phil Haynes, at Harrow Model Engineers Wembley track c.1985.

My acquaintance with this loco is a little strange! I became the owner of it after seeing it for sale on a friends stand at a local model event. The event had been organised to raise funds for a preserved steam pumping station and its 1851 Easton & Amos drainage engine, at Westonzoyland on the Somerset Levels.

This was my first experience of 5" gauge, I returned home, proud to have realised a childhood dream of owning a 'real' steam engine. At this stage, I had no idea how to fire or drive this loco, and had nowhere to run it! My friend who sold me the loco, ran through the basics of firing and running the next time I saw him, and arranged to give me some tuition on a length of portable track at the Westonzoyland pumping station site.

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Weirdie Alice No. 3

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