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Weirdie Alice No. 3

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These are my personal experiences while building a Trojan kit.
They are not intended to be a 'blow by blow' account of how
this kit should be assembled.
What works for me may not necessarily work for you.
Follow these procedures at your own risk.
Always use Personal Protective Equipment.

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On Saturday 14th December, I became the proud owner of Trojan kit No 13! (good job I'm not superstitious! It is actually No 15, but the first two were prototypes)
I have been communicating with Paul Middleton of
Ride on Railways about the purchase of one of his Trojan kits.
I had arranged with my parents, who live in Erith (a short hop across the Thames from Paul's home in Romford) to visit them over the weekend of 14th-15th December. So I was able to arrange with Paul to collect the kit at the same time.

December 18th 2002

I chose to have the 'industrial' body and had the standard chassis but without buffers, as I wanted a narrow gauge style loco. I will probably fit wooden buffer blocks.

This photo shows my Trojan placed on her wheels for the photo, nothing fixed as yet. The white blocks above the axles are plastic connector blocks placed there so that the wheels cleared the underside of the floor (I didn't want to use the springs in case they popped out and got lost!).

I will be logging my progress over the next few weeks (months?!), so please look in from time to time and see what's new.

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Weirdie Alice No. 3

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