Lyngford Light Railway - A 5 inch gauge garden railway


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Since Part 11 in April, my Trojan has performed exceedingly well. I took him/her (?) to the Trojan Owners day arranged by Allan Hudnott at the North London Society of Model Engineers track on Saturday 31st May, 2003. (More info here: Trojan Owner's Day.) A great day was had by all.

I have now made and fitted a headlight. I have been searching for something suitable for months, but to date, have not found what I required. So I had a rummage through the boxes of potentially useful items, that which my Wife terms "Junk"!, and collected together a selection of bits that looked like they may be fashioned into a headlight. The collection comprised an old torch, a twelve volt screw in bulb, and a suitable holder, an old deodorant cap (no, I don't know why this should be in my come in useful box, glad it was, though!) and from the workshop, the lid from a spray can of chrome paint. (Why is it the chrome on the lid always looks better than the chrome paint in side, aluminium would be more correct?).

The deodorant lid made the body, the lens and reflector from the torch, with some miner trimming fitted inside. The lamp holder was screwed to a small wood block and fixed to the inside of the body with a screw. A rim or bezel was cut from the chrome spray lid and fixed to the body with three self tapping screws.

I made a bracket out of a piece of brass strip and fixed to the light body. The whole assembly was then bolted to the bonnet.

The lamp is wired up through a plug and socket, on/off switch and the main isolator switch to one of the traction batteries.

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