Lyngford Light Railway - A 5 inch gauge garden railway


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No 3's Construction pages  Part Eleven

8th April 2003

Today I re-fixed the loose wheel. I think the metal that I used for the key must have been too thin. It was even thinner when I took the wheel off! I have now cut the key slot in the wheel deeper and also filed the 'flat' on the axle deeper. With a thicker key plate, I think it unlikely that this wheel will come loose again, I will have to watch the others, though!

I also made the clamps to keep the batteries in place. These were made from a couple of lengths of 3/4" x 3/4 " aluminium angle, one for each side. Each one has four bolts that engage in 'dimples' in the base flange of the batteries. The angles are in turn clamped down to the footplate by two bolts each. This arrangement seems to be strong enough, probably wouldn't survive a drop or a serious roll, but then the rest of the loco wouldn't look too good, either!

This almost completes my account of building the Ride on Railways Trojan kit. I still want to find and fit headlights and a horn. And name and number plates will need to be made or acquired. I am tempted to have a go and make my own following the methods described by Paul Middleton on his website.
One of Paul's name plates.
Picture 'borrowed' from his website.
(Thanks Paul, hope you don't mind!)
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